How to Repair and Rescue a Computer with Water Damage

Spilled water on your computer or laptop? If yes, don’t worry. Read on. Below are the steps on how to repair and rescue a computer with water damage.

1. Get out your computer from the water

2. Turn off the computer

Make sure that you remove the AC adapter and the battery (if it is a laptop) Computer water damage 02immediately. In case, the water touches the circuits on the computer, and then it will short out.

3. Unplug all the peripherals like wireless cards and mice

4. Turn your computer upside down immediately

This will stop the water from going deeper into your computer.

5. Clean the spilled water

When cleaning the spilled water, it is advisable that you use a cloth or a lint-free paper.

6. Inspect the keyboard of your computer

Some computers have keyboards that are spill-resistant. Ensure that you pour out the water contained in the keyboard enclosure. You should remove an easily removable keyboard and clean it.

7. Clean any sticky residue (if the water is dirty)

Computer water damage 03The keyboard, the buttons, and the screen might be dirty. When cleaning any sticky residue, you should ensure that you use a lint-free cloth that is clean and also slightly wet.

8. Insulate yourself from static discharge

Static electricity will damage your computer. Therefore, you should learn how to earth yourself so that you avoid destroying yourself with electrostatic discharge.

9. Take apart the case

In case you are not able to clean the entire spill, then you should take apart the case. Be aware that the spill can cause damages to the circuit boards. In case you don’t know how to take your computer apart, then you should look for someone else to do it for you. Remove all drives and cards as possible.

10. Remove dry residue (if the water is dirty)

Non-water stains should be removed using a lint-free cloth. You can use a vacuum cleaner or compressed air to blow away dry residue.

11. Let it dry

Ensure that all parts are dry. There are various ways of drying your computer. Below are some.

• Dry your computer naturally. Prop your computer up, away from surfaces. If you do so, the air will be able to circulate in & around the whole unit. Leave your machine to dry for about 24 to 48 hours.

• Dry using light heat. You can use fairly warm sources of heat to dry your computer.

Do not use a hair dryer. This is because it can result in static problems and damage your computer.

12. Reassemble your computer and test it

13. In case, your computer does not turn on, then contact a professional

The above are the steps on how to repair and rescue a computer with water damage.