Facebook Is The New Capture And Marketing Tool

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It is possible to use FB pages to capture the contact information of your fans. In fact, using squeeze pages is important for the lead generation and list building. The use of Facebook fan page takes this to the next level. It’s use has taken off at a great. When you use it correctly, it is a great component and provides many advantages over the traditional methods to capture pages for the lead generation and list-building.As Facebook continues to explode, you can get targeted traffic to your website. This explains why it is a great alternative to the traditional capture pages.

Provides value

Having a good tg234erf6y3eru8i22capture delivers value. This is because you will be getting an incentive in the exchange for visitors providing their name, contacts, and form. This gives you opportunity to contact them through email and phone. The incentive you give should be of value to draw attention of your target audience. However, it does not need to be something of high value.

Why build a list?

One of the major reasons many companies build FB fan pages is to sell their products or services. However, smart marketers are not just interested in a one-time sale. Instead they want to develop a large following that they can offer services and products over a long period. It is necessary that they cultivate and nurture the list by offering value. In this case, it will be a win-win situation for the both parties.

Driving traffic

How to get traffic to your capture page requires SEO techniques, email marketing, social marketing and social media marketing. Nowadays, companies are driving traffic by utilizing various methods and they can great benefit out of their efforts.

Their importance

The fact tt23wedfcv6y23edu22hat there are a lot of people using Facebook, then it makes sense to concentrate on marketing through it. Thus, you should have a capture page. Facebook users want a page with enjoyable activities going on. You can check what goes on in social media circles, search lost friends, and join discussions.

According to recent statistics, Facebook advertising bears a lot of conversions when you have a landing page. Moreover, it allows marketers to develop buying interests. At some point, they will buy from you. It is important to note that Facebook is an open and viral network. It’s newsfeed is a collection of content and information that is posted on user’s walls.